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Our Locations

The first step towards establishing a new company was converting the existing Galfar batching plant facility at Al Ansab into a fully operational readymix manufacturing unit in order to cater to clients in Muscat region.

From a single batching plant facility in Muscat in 2011, the company has successfully established fourteen batching plants at thirteen locations across the Sultanate till date. Now, the company employs 455 people, comprising of 51 staff and 404 workers. The head office of GAR is located in Rusayl, Muscat.

We currently have established plants in the following locations:
Location Map Plant Contact
Muscat 96273097
Nizwa 99850179
Jabal Akthar 98580284
Duqum 91748059
Ras Al Markaz 91748059
Bissat 91748059
Dhank 95277808
Yibal 93063942
Daleel 99850057
Sarfayt 79738965
Mukhaizna 97480079
Ras Al Hadd 79066804
Yiti 93216507