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High Performance Concrete

High Performance Concrete possesses high durability and high strength compared to conventional concrete. Its ingredients and proportions are specifically chosen to meet durability and strength requirements. It has one or more cementitious materials such as GGBS, Fly Ash or Micro Silica and usually a super plasticizer. The most important property of High Performance Concrete that distinguishes it from conventional cement concrete is the vastly superior durability, low heat of hydration and resistance to chemical attack. This is due to the refinement of pore structure of microstructure of the cement concrete to achieve a very compact material with very low permeability to ingress of water, air, oxygen, chlorides, sulphates and other deleterious agents. Thus, the steel reinforcement embedded in High Performance Concrete is more effectively protected.

High Performance Concrete is cost effective even though its initial cost is higher than the conventional concrete. It is also more sustainable in reducing the carbon footprint of concrete. Portland cement is replaced to an extent of 70% with the usage of alternate cementitious materials.

GAR constantly strives to improve the quality of concrete by adopting the latest technology in the industry. We have the technical expertise to produce High Performance Concrete of any range over several years of experiments/trials with a proven track record of concrete mixes.

OPC+GGBS – High durability, high chemical resistance and low heat of hydration
OPC+Microsilica – High strength and high durability
OPC+FLY ASH – Low heat of hydration and increased durability